The village of Kamares is situated 6, 5 km. from Apollonia and it is the port of Sifnos and the biggest coastal village of the island.

In Kamares there are rooms to let, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, a camping, tourist agencies, cafeterias, patisseries, potteries, the municipal information office, the port authority, the customhouse etc.

At the opposite side of Kamares there is the area of Agia Marina (that the Sifnians call “Pera Panta”) that took its name from the homonymous church (Saint Marina), which is situated on the hill slope. In Agia Marina you will also find rooms to let, hotels and a grocery, restaurants, cafes-snack bars etc.

Between the two areas there is the beach of Kamares, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island, with virgin vegetation, reedy areas, a shore side lake and sand-dunes with sand lilies that bloom in August. Every year the beach is awarded with the European Union’s BLUE FLAG by the FEE, since it meets the criteria of the program (cleanness, organization, water quality, safety, lifeboats, first aid, services, installations etc.)

From Kamares starts a path that passes by the Sanctuary of the Nymphs, the Black Cave (Mavri Spilia), the installations of the old mines and leads to the church of the Virgin of Toso Nero (Panagia Toso Nero) or to Saint John the Theologian of Mongou (Theologos tou Mongou) in Apollonia.



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