In Apollonia, Artemonas and Kastro, the visitors can enjoy their afternoon walk in the paved alleys with the rich houses, the yards with the white joints and the gardens or they can visit the seaside villages to have a coffee or ouzo by the sea or on verandas which overlook the sea. The visitors can also combine their walk with shopping. In Sifnos you can buy designer clothes, perfumes, handmade jewels, books, souvenirs, local sweets and ceramics (in some cases the showroom is right next to the pottery and the visitors can watch the potter give shape to the clay).

The visitors can also chose among the cultural events that are organized on the island all year round – mainly in the summer – such as concerts, traditional nights with folklore dances and music, book presentations and important art exhibitions.

The visitors will probably have the chance to participate during their stay in some of the famous feasts of the island, which are an authentic expression of the sifnian tradition and hospitality.

In the evening, Sifnos “is on its best togs” and “gets ready” to cover all tastes. Taverns with special local dishes, fish taverns with fresh fish and seafood, restaurants, taverns specialized in varieties of small dishes, cafeterias and traditional cafes, patisseries and sweetshops stay open until late at night to serve all visitors. And for the night owls, there are bars, night clubs with Greek and foreign music in almost all the villages of Sifnos.

The protagonist of the island’s nightlife is the famous “Steno” (=alley) of Apollonia, which “guarantees” your entertainment until the small hours of the morning!