Traditional Musicians

The inhabitants of the old Sifnos tended to rhythm and harmony and singing in every situation, especially the carnivals, joys and sufferings of life, love and sorrows, with satirical lyrics.

The improvised songs had lyrics courtesy and integrity and reveals the tenderness and passion of islanders. They composed at that time, without any preparation, with an amazing easiness.

Their songs, accompanied the “Takimi” (violin – lute), which first appeared in the Aegean in the late 19th century.

The musical tradition continues to these days and is found at weddings, baptisms, celebrations, carnival dances, at the New Year’s carols etc.


Agioutantis Pantelis Violin +306947438875
Atsonios Giorgos Lute +306972073594
Avranas Apostolos Lute +306982376012
Chrisos Costas Violin +306936792808
Karagiannis Nicos Bouzouki +306986312204
Lebessis Grigoris Lute +306997111458
Lebessis Nicos Guitar +306976792935
Lebessis Spiros Violin +306975874619
Loucataris Costis Lute +306948823484
Patriarhis Filippos Violin +306949136813
Rafeletos Andreas Lute +306972883982
Rafeletos Apostolos Lute +306972812704
Raviolos Nicos Violin +306938913257
Stavrianos Nicos Lute +306936676602
Trihas Giannis Lute +306971910916