Cooking in Sifnos

Sifnos has connected its name with Chef Nicholas (Nikos) Tselementes, not only because it is the birthplace of the famous chef and of many other distinguished chefs but mainly because the gastronomic habits of the past are a living part of its tradition.

Based on the local agricultural and livestock products, the sweet-smelling thyme honey, the wild greens and herbs, the Sifnians have exploited with remarkable technique everything that their land offered them, by cooking with love food and sweets baked in wood-fired ovens, and in earthen pots.

In our island with the guidance and help of a local cook, you and your team, if you wish, you can prepare and cook a full Greek meal, from meze to main course, in a cozy, friendly and relaxed atmosphere using simple local ingredients that you can also find at home…


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Sifnos Farm – Narlis

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Anthi Sifnos Farm

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