Sports & Exercise

“E.A.K.N. Sports Center” 

The Sifnos Sports Centre is located in the capital village of Apollonia in the middle of the island.  The centre has indoor and outdoor sports areas. The islands’ medical centre is located 300m from the gym..

The outdoor areas are floodlit at night and there is a gym park for gym training.  There is an outdoor basketball court and an Olympic size tennis court.

The indoor areas consist of two sports halls with equipment from the Visa sport company including the REe 121, REe 105, REe 151 and a Diamond Professional Runner floor surface.

Indoor activities include gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and dance classes for Latin, Hip Hop, Capoeira, Hatha Yoga and Ballet.

The judo and wrestling floor measures 72 m2 and is from the SFJAM-NORIS France.

The buildings are air-conditioned and have central heating.

The centre hosts professional trainers, coaches and dance teachers.

There are 4 bedrooms to accommodate trainers and a canteen.

There is a team of cleaners and security staff available for the centre on a daily basis.

“E.A.K.N. Sports Center” telephones : +302284033144 & +302284033154