In Sifnos the most impressive monument of the past is the….present, the moment one sets foot on the island!

It is in the way of life of the Sifnians to “marry” the present to the past so harmoniously as if they follow a recipe that… only they know!

Every year, on the Sunday of the Holy Spirit, the Sifnians give the…signal by lighting a fire on an ancient tower. One tower follows the other and soon, the ancient Greek communication network is”reactivated” again after thousands of years and the spectacle is impressive!

For the Sifnians, keeping the old customs is a rite. From the greatest celebration to… the smallest feast. In Sifnos every month we “celebrate” the feast of at least one of the hundreds of country churches and monasteries of the island.

The feasts are rich and they are intended for everybody. The feasts are organized by simple citizens, that the Sifnians call “panigirades”. In order to show their gratitude to the Saints, the Sifnians undertake to preserve the icon for an entire year. Even today, over three hundred icons are housed out of the churches, in the houses of the faithful, on the island or even off it! The day of the feast, the “panigiras” returns the icon to its church.After vespers, there is a feast with lots of food and wine. The feast lasts until the small hours of the morning with dances, songs, and improvised poems of thanks and wishes for the “panigiras”.