Local Products

Sifnos: A small island on the map – A major force in land management. 

Since ancient times, Sifnos was self-sufficient in agricultural production and beyond. The workforce was sought after and find a way out in professions relevant for the earth.

Starting from the Sifnian Potters, who, with their hands created wonderful household items (eg. for cooking, carrying) that withstand the test of time, as well as decorative clay vessels, with the most typical being the «Flaros» (traditional  chimney on Sifnian houses) etc.

Others worked in the production of lime, which was necessary to build, but also to the whitewashing of houses.

Some, taking advantage of the logging produced coal, which was used in baking fish or other foods.

Of course there were farmers. The production of meat, milk, and cheese -the famous Sifnian “Manoura” cheese- eggs and poultry was their competence.

The beekeepers sweetened us. The honey was excellent starting material for the production of  “Pasteli” (honeyand sesame candy bars), and the Easter “Honey Pie”. Also beekeepers care for the production of the church candles.

There were also the millers in their wind mills which care to product flour for the people.

Also the gardeners. In their gardens (perivolia) they had all the goods, such as eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, celery, parsley and also areas with fructiferous trees, such as lemon-trees, pear-trees, apricot-trees, plum-trees, etc.

But the Sifnian land was also ideal for the production of legumes (Beans, chickpeas, fava beans, etc.)

We must not forget to mention the production of local olive oil, olives and figs!

All these people deserve special mention because of the enormous efforts they inherit us a place that rightly named as “Island of Outstanding Natural Beauty” and this, not only for its architecture.

 Author: Georgia Atsoniou


The visitors who want to take with them some of the scent and the taste of Sifnos can choose among the following local products:

Thyme honey of excellent quality
Cheeses (xinomizithra, chloromanoura, manoura matured in wine lees)
Sweets (biscuits, casserole marzipans, marzipans in the oven, marzipans with powdered sugar, pastelis (honeyand sesame candy bars), cookies, patties, halvadopitas (nougats of sesame with almonds in a thin crust), loukoums, vanillas (vanilla flavored, white cream that you lick off a spoondipped in ice-cold water), marmalades, sweet fruit preserves etc.)
Local wine of small producers
Herbs (oregano, sage, pennyroyal, marjoram etc.) 

and of course… the famous ceramics of Sifnos (utilitarian and decorative objects)!

Resource: sifnos.gr



  1. Antonis K. Kalogirou, tel +302284033090, in Artemonas
  2. Ioannis B. Depastas, tel +302284033418, in Artemonas
  3. Ioannis Lebesis, tel +302284032010, in Artemonas
  4. Nikolaos  Raviolos, tel +302284033755, in Artemonas
  5. Ioannis  Narlis, tel +302284033909, in Kato Petali
  6. Antonis Atsonios, tel +302284071119, in Vathi
  7. Flora and Maria Markou, tel +302284071116, in Vathi
  8. Ioannis Apostolidis, tel +302284033721, in Kamares (Kamares Road)
  9. Konstantinos Mamidas, tel +3022840 33738, in Kamares
  10. Georgios Exylzes, tel +302284033044, in Kamares
  11. Antonios Kalogirou, tel +302284031651, in Kamares
  12. Katerina Kalogirou, tel +302284031683, in Kamares
  13. Giannis Podotas, tel +302284032349, in Kamares
  14. Georgios and Symeon Atsonios, tel +302284032121, in Kamares
  15. Alexandros Lemonis, tel +302284071362, in Platis Gialos
  16. Fratzeskos Lemonis, tel +302284071203, in Platis Gialos
  17. Labros and Antonis Skandalis, tel +302284031828, in Petsis (Cheronissos Road)
  18. Georgios Atsonios (Bairamis) tel +306946224008, in Diavroucha (Cheronissos Road)
  19. Konstantinos Depastas, tel +302284033121, in Cheronissos
  20. Ageliki Tzouli-Tzanni, tel: +3022840 32267, in Katavati

Local Sweets

Agelos Atsonios2284031603
Gerontopoulos Giannis2284031431
Glyka Matia, Nikos Venios2284033332
Grigoris Venios2284031247
Kitrino Podilato, Giorgos Psaraftis2284031244
Konaki Simos Foskolos2284033165
Kostis Venios2284031205
Moutsios Pavlos2284033093
Pipis Spiros Kalogirou2284033670
Theodorou Vasilis2284031370
Venios Thodoris2284033563
Sanaki Sofia2284032261
To Fournaki Evi Mastrokalou2284071524

Agricultural Products

Atsonios Antonis6970719400
Atsonios Giannis6980090648
Atsonios Konstantinos2284031998
Atsonios Mihalis6970719417
Atsonios Nikolaos6972374299
Atsoniou Georgia6977970026
Georgoulis Vagelis6973224391
Georgouli Evagelia6977737774
Georgoulis Francescos6985063062
Karavos Menis6978230492
Karidi Katerina6976846350
Koletis Giannis6944104691
Komi Maria6974739883
Komis Aris6982934246
Mastrokalos Giannis6945220637
Patriarhi Flora2287772025
Poriotis Giorgos6973328896
Poriotis Giannis6974845606
Raviolou Katerina6972164482
Sanakis Tzannis2284032108
Troullos Emannouil6972474024

Honey Producers

Armelinios Andreas 2284031794
Atsonios Antonis 6970719400
Atsonios Ioannis 2284031192
Depastas Ioannis 2284031243
Depastas Mihail 2284031663
Diareme Irini 6944203680
Diaremes Andreas 2284031261
Diaremes Antonis 2284031261
Diaremes Apostolos 2284032017
Diaremes Giorgos 2284033552
Fortsaris Nikos 2284031048
Fragou-Stavrianou Flora 2284033545
Fratzi Kalliopi 2284031003
Georgoulis Apostolos 2284031429
Georgoulis Evagelos 6973224391
Gerontis Ioannis 2284033032
Gerontopoulos Spyros 2284031304
Giamakis Vasilis 2284031538
Komi Eleftheria 2284031805
Komis Vasilis 2284031931
Korakis Antonis 2284032300
Korakis Apostolos 2284031711
Koulouris Iraklis-Efstathios 2284031052
Lebesi Francesca-Anna 6974844940
Lebesis Apostolos 6921827398
Lebesis Konstantinos 2284031476
Mastrokalos Aristidis 6944652043
Mastrokalos Ioannis 6945220637
Mastrokalos Manolis 6977927070
Mastrokalos Nikos 6945220637
Onoufrios Zannis 6932416167
Podotas Simos 6981095355
Poriotis Nikos 6977616457
Prokos Ioannis 2284071411
Psari Katerina 2284031272
Psaris Christos 6972353203
Sanakis Ioannis 6974815488
Stavrianos Giorgos 2284032204
Stavrianou Dimitra 6948844814
Stavrianou Katerina 2284032221
Synodinos Giorgos 2284071393
Synodinos Thalis 2284071393
Synodinou Antonia 2284071393
Synodinou Despina 2284071393
Zabeli Efthimia 2284071465
Zabeli-Gagiatsou Ioanna 2284071465
Zabelis Dimitris 2284071465
Zabelis Vasilis 2284071418