Faros is a fishermen village with a leeward port, situated 7 km. from Apollonia. Faros was the port o Sifnos up to 1883 and it took its name after the lighthouse which was situated on the beach (where today starts the path leading from Faros to Glipho).

In Faros there are three small sandy beaches:

  • The central beach of Faros is located at the end of the asphalted road and it has a wonderful view of Chrissopigi. Here, you will find restaurants, taverns, a grocery, cafeterias - snack bars etc.
  • The beach of Glipho is accessible by a short path that begins on the right side of the beach of Faros. There are no buildings on the beach of Glipho. Here starts a beautiful, recently restored path (with night lights) that leads to the beach of Apokofto and to Chrissopigi. From those beaches one can see the ladder of the mines and the installations for the loading of minerals that were extracted from the mines of this area.
  • The beach of Fassolou is located on the left side of the beach of Faros and it is accessible by a path that starts from Faros, next to the bus station, or by the asphalted road. On this beach you will find a restaurant. In Fassolou you will also find the monastery of the Cross (in Greek: Stavros) of Faros.
  •  There is also the rocky beach of Aspra Gremna, which is located on the way to the entrance of the carriageway that leads to Fassolou.

In the wider area of Faros there are many tourist lodgings (hotels, rooms to let, studios and apartments).


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