The village of Katavati is situated between Apollonia and Exabela, and it includes the area of Eleimonas (=merciful) that took its name from the homonymous church (Saint John the Merciful).

In Katavati, you will find the parish church of Saint George, country churches and the church of Panagia “Agelochtisti” (the church of the Virgin Mary that has been built by angels), that, according to the tradition, has been built and officiated by Angels.

To the south and on the central road that leads to Vathi, there is the monastery of Firogia (16th century). The monastery has been restored in the ΄70 by the Hellenic Society for the Environment and Culture and this project was awarded the Cultural Heritage prize «Europa Nostra», the first one Greece ever got. During the last years, every summer, the monastery houses the Small Museum of Modern Pottery under the auspices of the Municipal Utility of Sifnos and the Potters’ Union of Sifnos, which holds among its exhibits the Collection of Handmade Pottery of Kosmas Xenakis.

In Katavati, there are groceries, a flower shop, a service station, rooms to let, a hotel and several restaurants.


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