Agios Loucas

Agios Loucas

Between Ano Petali and the square of Artemonas, you will find the village of Agios Loucas or Ai Loucas that owes its name to the homonymous church (Saint Luce) of the area.

In Agios Loucas, you will find the church of the Virgin Mary of the Basins (Panagia ta Gournia) and of Saint Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos), a church with two hypostases, with remarkable frescos created by the famous painter of icons of Sifnos Agapios, who is also known as “Defterevon” (he had replaced his name with the title of his ecclesiastical office which means: Second in the hierarchy), the church of Saint George the Master (Aï Giorgis Afentis) with wonderful icons dating back from 1645, creations of the important icon painters Zaharias Tzagaropoulos and Konstantinos Palaiokapas and the beautiful church of Saint Constantine (Agios Konstantinos) with its rare architectural style which is situated at the homonymous square.

Agios Loucas is the birthplace of the ship owner and president of the Eugenides Foundation, Nikolaos Vernikos-Eugenides and of the ship owner and minister Alexandros Vernikos.


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