Sifnos offers a diverse range of activities, depending on your mood and preferences! 

You can choose among archeological tours, visits to museums, visits to exhibitions, hiking, diving, sailing, fishing, dance, pottery, festivals, cooking, beach volley, yoga, tennis, basket, various other expressions of art or having fun until the morning hours at beach bars or at the bars of the famous STENO of Apollonia!

Sports enthusiasts may well profit by the athletic center of EAKN at Apollonia (phones: +302284033144 & +302284033154), which offers courses and training in many different sports!

What not to forget
  • To see the sunset at Kamares or Troulaki,
  • The sunrise at Kastro,
  • To walk one night under the full moon next to the sea,
  • To dance a round of Balos with Sifnians at one of the many fests, eating traditional chickpea soup and drinking plenty of wine offered free to all visitors!





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